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 of Information Technology

Diploma in Accounting and Finance

Program Length: 40 weeks.

This program is offered at our Toronto Campus

The objective of our program is to equip successful graduates with the knowledge and skills required to function effectively in the modern computerized accounting and finance environment and also to hone and fine-tune their skills in the work place. Typically, graduates find employment in small to medium sized enterprises and corporate finance departments. The public sector and non-profit sector also provide many roles for the accounting assistant. More senior opportunities will exist for those with experience in related administrative and accounting areas or working on one of the recognized accounting designations.


  1. Introduction To Computer Applications
  2. System Analysis And Design
  3. Business Communications
  4. Business Economics
  5. Financial Accounting
  6. Accounting Business Applications1
  7. Marketing Management
  8. Financial Management
  9. Advance Accounting Application II (Data Analysis Techniques)
  10. Canadian Business Law and Taxation

Graduates Proficiency

Proficiency in Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS), Business letters and presentation skills, integrated accounting softwares - ACCPAC for Windows, Simply Accounting, Quick Book Pro and Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP).

Comprehensive knowledge of accounting principles, concepts and procedures with strong emphasis on practical applications, thorough understanding of bookkeeping. Detailed analysis of business activities. Preparation of financial statements and analysis, valuation of investments, cash management, credit policies and capital budgeting, market function with the interaction of demand and supply, perfect competition and pricing policies.

Charter of Rights in Canada, advantages and disadvantages of partnerships and corporations. Knowledge of laws of employment, labor, insurance, estate and consumer protections. Contractual duties of the buyers and sellers. Patent procedures, trade marks registration and the copyright.

Calculation of total income and net income for tax purposes. Calculation of RRSP, Tax filing requirements, dividends, mortgages and other investment calculations, Foreign investment Income, Partnership Income and Losses.

Data analysis tools, manipulating the data, break-even analysis, forecasting and trend analysis, goal seek scenarios, if then analysis and internal rate of return. Calculation of net present value of an investment. SQL statements by using different types of operators and clauses. Manipulate the data by using different types of single row functions. Analyze the data by using group functions, use of group by and having clauses. Insert, Update, and Delete the data from tables. 

Concepts of marketing management, market segmentations, different stages of product life cycle, product positioning, territory management, selection and management of field force, promotional and advertisement policies, pricing and competition strategies, marketing channels and globalization. Soft skills, resume preparations, net workings, job searching techniques and interview preparation.

Career Opportunities

Students will be prepared for employment positions such as Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable Specialist, Bookkeeper/Accountant, Finance Manager, Account Manager, Auditor, Budget Analyst, Financial Accountant, Management Accountant, Tax Consultant and Business Manager (Self Employment)

Admission Requirements

  • Grade 12 (OSSD) or equivalent
  • If you are 19 years or older and do not have an OSSD or equivalent, a minimum passing score of 18 on the Wonderlic SLE entrance test and an admissions interview to determine suitability for the program